[Update] YoonA’s Fanboys List !


  • 2AM JoKwon admits that he thinks that Yoona is the prettiest among idol girl groups; wanted Yoona as his wife on WGM. (SangSangPlus; 2009 MNet Super100 Idols; Golden Fishery)
  • 2PM Chansung (Idol Army Ep. 08 & 09; SGB: Idol Special; Article)
  • 2PM Junho chose Yoona (SBG: Idol Special) & he was the most jealous over Taecyeon-Yoona’s Performance. (Interview)
  • 2PM Nichkhun has consistently chosen Yoona in shows or as his Ideal Girl Type & he likes her smile. (Idol Army Ep. 08 & 09; SangSangPlus; Star King; Article; We Got Married; Champagne)
  • 2PM Taecyeon thinks she is pretty; bought her a ‘Y’ necklace & perfume; liked her since the beginning; according to Wonder Girls, he couldn’t stop talking about her; admitted that they are close. (SGB: Idol Special; Family Outing Season 2 Ep. 1-15; NAN Ep. w/ 2PM)
  • AK Andy Chen Yi, *Taiwanese actor & idol*, seems to like Yoona as he took a picture of himself and Yoona’s Innisfree Cardboard.
  • B1A4 Gongchan is a fan of SNSD’s YoonA; he wore a sticker of YoonA to one of his group’s function; he brought a Vita500 drink (endorsed by SNSD) with her picture on it to another function. (MBC Every1′s Weekly Idols, 14.01.2012; at various B1A4 functions in 2012)
  • B2ST DongWoon chose Yoona as his favorite SNSD member. (Sukira 10.03.12; PKL Starry Night Radio 10.03.28)
  • B2ST HyunSeung chose Yoona as his favorite SNSD member. (Sukira 10.03.12; PKL Starry Night Radio 10.03.28)
  • B2ST JunHyung chose Yoona as his favorite SNSD member; thought of Yoona first when asked to name his future child with his surname, saying ‘Yong Yoona’. (Sukira 2010.03.12; PKL Starry Night 2010.03.28; Interview)
  • B2ST Lee Ki Kwang shyly confessed to liking Yoona even though he was scared of future articles. (MBC’s Hot Brother 05.12.2010)
  • BigBang Daesung acted like he had a crush on her. (Family Outing Ep. 36 & 37)
  • BigBang G-Dragon chose Yoona as his ‘Ideal Girl’ between 4 SNSD members; seemed impressed & starstruck when he saw Yoona. (MVAD (2 episodes); Strong Heart Ep. 66)
  • Block B Jaehyo (Starry Night; Oct 2011)
  • Bobby Kim *South Korean singer* (KJE chocolate)
  • Boyfriend HyunSeong want to spend his Christmas with SNSD’s YoonA. (ShimShim TaPa, 22.11.2011)
  • Brian Joo, *ex-FTTS member*, said Yoona is the closest to his Ideal Type; wants to make her his woman; asked Eunhyuk whom she likes better between him and Lim Changjung. (Strong Heart Ep. 3-4)
  • Choi Hyunwoo, *National (Korea) Magician*, was flirting through the show with Yoong. (Star King Ep. 191)
  • Choi Jae Hwan, *actor*, said that Yoona has a very delicate charm that makes men (including him) want to protect & save her from harm; chose Yoona as his ideal girl. (Need source)
  • Chun Jung Myung, *actor*, likes Yoona & Taeyeon. (KBS 2TV ‘Yeoyumanman’)
  • C.N.BLUE JungShin said that he likes Yoona and chose her as his Ideal Type. (SBS Power FM; We Got Married)
  • Dasoku (蛇足), *Japanese singer on Nico Nico Douga*, tweeted: “Yoona is too cute, what should I do?”. (Dasoku’s Personal Twitter: @dasoku_niconico, 29.06.2011)
  • Donghyun *child actor* (SGB)
  • Epik High Mithra Jin picked Yoona as his favorite Soshi & as his Ideal Girl; Heechul revealed that Mithra talks about Yoona in the same way he talks about Sohee. (SGB; Heechul’s Young Street Radio 04.28.2010)
  • EXO-K Kai choose Yoona is ideal girl
  • EXO-M Luhan choose Yoona is ideal girl and YoonA is pretty
  • F.Cuz Kan said he wanted to do ‘We Got Married’ with Yoona because she’s his Ideal Type. (Article)
  • Fahrenheit Calvin Chen, *Taiwanese idol*, picked Yoona (and TaengSic) as his favorite SNSD members.
  • FortLeeMusic (Kevin Hyunjoong Lee), *Korean-American music producer, song writer & singer*, dedicated to Yoona a Cover Remix of GD/TOP’s “Oh Yeah” that he made himself.
  • FT Island Minhwan was overcome with joy when Yoona chose him (Mnet Dr Wide News V Day Special); he also said that Yoona supports him by giving him acting tips and that they keep contact through texting (Article); said she is his favorite member and sent her a video message. (Sukira, 15.02.2012).
  • Go Young Wook, *ex-member of Roo’ra, comedian*, said “I like you.” to Yoona. (Strong Heart Ep. 104, 2012)
  • Haha (Ha Dong Hoon), *entertainer*, shouted “Yoona jjang!”; acts mad when she doesn’t choose him, and elated when she does; is her biggest fan; wanted her as a permanent member on RM. (Running Man Ep. 39 & ??)
  • Han Sun-soo, *volleyball bronze medalist*
  • Hiroaki Ito, *Music Station & TV Asahi Producer*, often tweets about Yoona & in one of them he said ‘Yoona looked cute.’. (Ito’s Personal Twitter: @inagito, July 2011)
  • Hong Jikung, *dentist*, would give Yoona free examinations forever. (1 vs. 100 with Yoona)
  • Hwang Jung Min, *actor*, said he wanted to meet SNSD and especially Yoona; he’s willing to exchange Hyoyeon and Sooyoung for her. (Interview (Innolife.net & Digital YTN))
  • Jang Geun Suk aka ‘Prince of Asia’, *actor, singer*, said “First of all, I’m YoonA’s fan. In order to help my co-star be in her best condition, I secretly put YoonA’s favorite treats, like coffee, by her car every morning. I am fulfilling my duty as a SONE.” YoonA teased him by denying it, so he added, “While it wasn’t everyday, I was very attentive to her, bringing her coffee most days.” (Several News articles, Dec. 2011-Jan.2012)
  • Jay Park, *ex-2PM member, singer*, chose SNSD as the best idol girl group and chose Yoona in SNSD; when Yoona greeted him very welcomingly at NeYo’s concert, he was happy. (Sukira 2011.05.09)
  • Joo Jin Mo, *actor*, his ideal type is someone with pure and innocent side and he gave Yoona as an example of such, thus revealing his true admiration for her. His video message to her: “YoonA, I hope to meet up with you someday. I will always cheer you on.” (‘Rising Star’ corner of Section TV Entertainment News; TV Report)
  • Jung Woo Sung *actor* (Interview)
  • Kadokura Ken, *pro-baseball player*, wrote that he will cherish YoonA’s signed Japanese ‘GENIE’ CD. (Personal blog)
  • Kang JiHwan *actor* (need a source; KBS 2008 Drama Awards)
  • Kangta, *ex-H.O.T. leader/member*, thinks YoonA is the prettiest SNSD member. (Golden Fishery (07.07.2010))
  • Kim DongHyun, *Kim GuRa’s son*, wrote her a letter & admitted to liking her. (Intimate Note; another show)
  • Kim Dong Ryul *singer-songwriter* spoke his mind and said that he likes YoonA. (Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show)
  • Kim Hwang-Hyun, *baseball star player*, wants to take YoonA to his prom.
  • Kim Hyung Bum, *actor*, wants YoonA to be his wife. (SGB: SNSD Special)
  • Kim In Kwon, *actor*, said he likes YoonA. *NEED OFFICIAL TRANSLATION* (Section TV 26.06.2011)
  • Kim Jong Kook, *ex-Turbo member, singer*, said YoonA is his #1 favorite Soshi & that even from afar, she is shining. (2FM Hong JinKyung’s Open Space Music program (2010); Family Outing Ep. 36; Running Man Ep. 39)
  • Kim Sooro, *actor*, acts like a fanboy whenever he meets her and members always tease him when she comes. (Family Outing Ep. 36 & 37)
  • Kim Yo-Han, *South Korea volleyball player*, said the girl he would like to have a scandal with is YoonA. (2010 Seoul Music Awards)
  • Koike Koh, *CEO of Japan’s Oricon Corporation*, was asked to choose between Taeyeon & YoonA and he said “For me, it would be YoonA (laughs).” (1st Gaon Chart KPOP Awards 2012, 22.02.2012)
  • Lee Jun Ki, *actor, model, singer*, sent a video message to YoonA from the Army (02.02.2011); said that YoonA was his favorite member (tvN News, 17.02.2012)
  • Lee Se Chang, *actor*, is a YoonA fanboy & he even thought of her while he was beside his wife. (Manwon Happiness a.k.a. Happy Shares Company)
  • Lee Seunggi *actor, singer* chose YoonA as his ‘Ideal Girl’ multiple times; thinks that she’s pretty & has shown interest. (Champagne; Strong Heart Ep. 1-5, 18-19; Come To Play (02.05.2011))
  • Lee Seung Hoon *Vancouver Winter Olympics Gold medalist (speed skating)* (on 2 Variety Shows)
  • Lee Yong Dae, *Beijin Olympic Gold medalist (badminton)*, chose her as his Ideal Woman multiple times, most recently in March 2012; he also said: “I actually like YoonA. I fell in love with her feminine and innocent looks, as well as her aegyo-filled yet tomboyish personality – all of which are qualities that I look for in the woman of my dreams.” (Article; TV Report)
  • Lim Changjung, *actor & singer*, said Yoona is his Ideal Type; when he made eye contact with her, “it freshened my mood & it was so nice”; he thought she was interested in him. (Taxi (03.10.11); Strong Heart Ep. 3)
  • MC Mong (his favorite member is Yoona) (Hello Baby; Strong Heart; Champagne)
  • Mister Kim, *in charge of purchasing livestock products*, revealed that for Yoona he is willing to provide her a lifetime supply of meat. (1 vs. 100 with Yoona)
  • Naoki Ogi “Mama”, *Education critic/professor*, said that his favorite SNSD member is Yoona (Japanese show, May 2011)
  • Oh Jae Moo, *child actor*, confessed to liking Yoona. (Taxi; Night Star; Conference Press for drama Baker King)
  • One Way’s Chance said Yoona is his celebrity crush (or something to that effect). (MYX Interview in the Philippines)
  • Park Hae Il, *actor*, chose Yoona as his ‘Ideal Type’ saying that she has a melting smile. (UnionPress article)
  • Park Hyun Bin, *trot singer*, dotes on Yoong; raised his hand when asked who has interest in Yoona. (MVAD; Hello Baby Ep. 17; 1 vs. 100 with Yoona; Strong Heart Ep. 3)
  • Park Ji Sung, *captain of the South Korea national football team, most decorated footballer in Asian history*, people speculated that he likes Yoona because he only smiled when she performed her part in Oh. (TV News)
  • Roller Coaster Lee SangSoon *k-pop band singer* likes Yoona & Sooyoung. (Park Myung-soo’s Radio Show)
  • Romeo Tan, *Philippines actor*, is a well-known fanboy of Yoona to his fans from The Juliet Club. (Twitter: @_hwangmiyoung, August 2011)
  • Rongdao *National (China) football player* (Rongdao’s personal blog)
  • Seo Junyoung, *actor*, said that he would like to act with Yoona; likes her the most in SNSD; admires her abilities in singing and acting and is attracted to her flawless appearance. (bnt News Interview March 2011)
  • SG Wannabe Kim Young Jun (We Got Married: Hwang Jung Eum, his wife, more or less said it.)
  • SHINee JongHyun stated that Yoona’s and his personality fit well; said that he likes her. (Flower Boys Generation; SGB: Idol Special)
  • SHINee Minho thinks Yoona is the prettiest. (SangSangPlus)
  • SHINee Onew fell for Yoona’s wink in the Innisfree CF. (SangSangPlus)
  • Shinhwa Andy chose Yoona as his ‘Ideal Girl’ multiple times. (Radio Star, 2008; Champagne, 2009)
  • Shinhwa Junjin said Yoona is his favorite SNSD member. (Infinite Challenge Ep. w/ SNSD)
  • Shinhwa Minwoo/M likes Yoona (Star Junior Show (revealed by his mom); you can see it also in Hello Baby.
  • Shizuru Murakami, *Japanese comedian*, finds Yoona to be the cutest in Shoujo Jidai (SNSD); Yoona is the most important to him & if she joined KARA, he might be on KARA’s side too. (personal Twitter)
  • SlayerS_BoxeR (Lim Yo-Hwan), *pro-gamer a.k.a. The Emperor*, said that Yoona was his favorite SNSD member after signing a Yoona card presented by one of his fans. (fanaccount by Sky2934, 2011)
  • Song Chang Ui, *musical actor, actor*, wrote “If it’s Yoona, then I’m Cinderella Man.” (Star Self-Cam)
  • Song Seung Hun *actor*. Yoona made it to his final ‘Ideal Girl World Cup’ twice: the 1st time, she lost to Han Ga-In and the 2nd time, he couldn’t chose between her & Kim Tae Hee. (Shin Dong Yup’s Sweet Night; Show)
  • SS501 Kim Hyung Joon (SGB; Star King)
  • Stéphane Ruffier, *goalkeeper of AS Monaco*, is a fan of SNSD and his favorite members are Yoona and Yuri.
  • Super Junior Donghae choose Yoona is ideal girl
  • Super Junior Eunhyuk say YoonA is pretty .
  • Super Junior Heechul thinks Yoona is the prettiest female celebrity he has ever seen. (Heechul’s Official Twitter; Family Outing Season 2)
  • Super Junior Kangin chose Yoona through 3 rounds of the ‘Ideal Girl World Cup’. (Champagne, 2009; I have an Uncle (2 episodes))
  • Super Junior KyuHyun like YoonA .
  • Super Junior Leeteuk keeps/kept asking Yoona to marry him in the future; she is his ‘Ideal Type’; his ideal girl is a combination of Taeyeon, Yoona & Seohyun. (Strong Heart Ep. 4; other show)
  • Super Junior Ryeowook picked Lee Yeon Hee when asked who his ideal type was, but Kangin interrupted and said ‘Didn’t you say it was Yoona before?’ (Radio program; need more source)
  •  Super Junior Yesung: seems like he has a crush on Yoona or thinks she is a really nice girl.
  • Tokuyi Yoshimi, *actor, comedian*, talked about how he liked Yoona on a radio program. (Kyoto Real, July 2011)
  • Toshihiko Tahara, *Japanese singer, former idol*, mentioned that he loves Yoona and that she is his favorite. (His Ambeblo Blog, Feb 2012)
  • U-Kiss Eli had a pained expression (in a good way) upon seeing Yoona’s Innisfree Ad in a magazine.
  • V6 Miyake Ken chose out of SNSD, “like everybody else”, Yoona as the member he liked the most because of her “cuteness” and “beautiful legs”. (Ken’s radio show (06.08.2011))
  • V.O.S Kim Kyung Rok likes Yoona & obviously favors her. (other sources; Hello Baby Ep. 6)
  • Wang Seokhyun, *child actor*, chose Yoona as his favorite, etc. (Invincible Saturday: I have an Uncle (4 episodes))
  • Yoo Jae-Seok (MC Yoo), *show host & comedian*, secretly wanted to be chosen by Yoona; treats her favorably whenever she appears on his shows. (Running Man Ep. 39, 63 & 64; Family Outing Ep. 36 & 37; MVAD)
  • Yoon Sang Hyun *actor* (Interview)
  • Yu Shirota, *Popular Japanese actor, singer & model*, tweeted: “SNSD’s Yoona is cute!!!” (Shirota’s Personal Twitter: @U_and_YOU, June 2011)
  • Zakiyama, *Japanese comedian*, revealed that Yoona is 2nd as his Ideal Girl Type & favorite Soshi; shouted “It’s her! It’s her!” when she appeared in Gee PV. (TV Asahi London Hearts, 02.01.11; other show)
  • ZE:A Hyungshik (need source)
  • ZE:A Junyoung wanted to choose Yoona but fellow member Kwanghee had already chosen her. (ZE:A’s Press Conference in Singapore)
  • ZE:A Kwanghee chose Yoona as the SNSD member he would like to be, because he feels they both have the prettiest smiles in the band. (ZE:A’s Press Conference in Singapore)


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